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About the Rancocas Creek Watershed

The Rancocas Creek Watershed is 360 square miles, the largest in south central New Jersey.  Of this area, the North Branch drains 167 square miles and 144 square miles is drained by the South Branch.  The North Branch is 31 miles long and is fed by the Greenwood Branch, McDonalds Branch and Mount Misery Brook.  The major tributaries to the South Branch include the Southwest Branch Rancocas Creek, Stop the Jade Run, Haynes Creek and Friendship Creek. 

After its branches form the main body of the Creek at Hainesport, the Rancocas flows west-northwestward about eight miles, draining an area of approximately 49 square miles, before emptying into the Delaware River at Riverside and Delanco.  Tidal influence occurs for about 15 stream miles, extending the entire length of the mainstream to the dam at Mt. Holly of the North Branch, Vincentown on the South Branch, and Kirby’s Mill on the Southwest Branch.

Download a copy of The Rancocas Watershed Brochure.

Our Vision for the Watershed

The Rancocas Creek Watershed will become a known and valued entity in the region which is supported and protected by the community and their representatives in government.

A greenway along the Rancocas Creek Greenway will connect population centers to significant expanses of preserved, farms, forests, scenic vistas and recreational areas.

Development will be sustainable, responsible to the needs of the community and guided by sound planning that respects the natural resource foundation of the region.

Residents will appreciate and support this vision, knowing that this is what makes this area one of the best places to live and raise a family.


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