Watershed Wisdom

We all know what to do with our soda cans, milk jugs and newspapers, but there are many other everyday items that could be saved from a landfill, or ending up in our Creeks!  Next time you go to throw something “away”, see if there is some way to give it a second life and protect our natural resources.  Here are some lesser known outlets that will take some common household items for reuse or recycling.


NiCd, Button, and Rechargeable Batteries

Staples and Radio Shack and many hardware stores

Cell Phones

Staples and most cell phone providers will restore them for 911 service for people in abusive relationships

Floppy Disks, Video & Audio Tapes

Check out GreenDisk.com or call

Printer Ink Cartridges Staples or www.Empties4Cash.com

Packing Peanuts

Most “Pack and Ship” stores will reuse your peanuts at least once

Motor Oil & Antifreeze

Most car repair centers will take these or call your town for collection days

CD’s & DVD’s

Mail them to:
NESAR Systems,
420 Ashwood Road,
Darlington, PA 16115

(724) 827-8172


Lions Clubs and chain stores like Lens Crafters, For-Eyes and Pearle will take them


And for items that you don’t need but still work, don’t forget old standbys like:


Will take most useable household items in good condition

A.K.A. the “Global Garage Sale”.  It is easier than you think!

Ebay for free stuff set up on a local basis

Online garage sale & free stuff, on a local basis






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